Head has really trimmed the fat with the Head Radical Pro II Lite Low. Not only did they eliminate 2 ounces of unnecessary weight, but also kept their signature technologies, all wrapped up in a sleek and edgy cosmetic. The CXG technology adds stability in the forefoot while the VI-POD cushion in the heel absorbs shock and provides a comfortable ride. The low ankle collar keeps it even lighter than itŐs mid counterpart and the collection of additional Head technologies ensure your solid grip on the floor and natural foot motion throughout play. These arenŐt the lightest shoes around, but possibly the most durable and nothing but an improvement from the original Radical Pro.

  • Fit: Length fits true to size. Width is a snug medium with medium arch support. Slight break-in required.
  • Upper: Synthetic leather upper combined with a layered mesh paneling.
  • Midsole: CXG technology helps to absorb shock and increase rebound
  • Outsole: Non-marking gum rubber sole.
  • Comes with a 6-month durability guarantee
  • Weight: 15.4 ounces (size 10.5)
  • Color:Black/Lime

Comments: I pulled one of the plastic shoestring eyelets out of the shoe when I was tightening them, but I have just left it there loose among the strings. It's not worth the hassle of sending it back. Other than that these shoes have performed well on the court and a lot of people have complimented the look of them.
From: Walt, Houston, TX, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: A, Elite 

Comments: These shoes are amazing, best I've worn so far, better than Nike Hyper series (way more comfortable and better arch support), or Harrows (which are built for wider feet and less padding); great combination of grip, fit, and lightweight construction. Caveat: My pair fell apart on me in 2-3 months playing at an elite level. I play 4 times a week. When you buy them just be prepared to shell out for a few extra pairs, RBW will only honor Head warranty to its exact verbage (sole wearing completely through). Head distribution in GA, if you get a hold of them directly will help out way more if you want to go the warranty route.
From: Anon, 08/13

Comments: These shoes took a long time to break in. They really made my feet sore the first several weeks. They don't lace up very well either. I'll be looking for another shoe next time.
From: G, 02/13