Wilson NXT Power 17 String
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Note: This string was originally named Wilson NXT Tour. This is the same string.

Wilson's premier multifilament synthetic gut, NXT Power offers an even closer to gut-like feel than regular NXT. According to Wilson, it's the softest and most comfortable string in the NXT line. Designed with almost twice as many fibers as regular NXT, it offers a 15% increase in sweet spot size and 80% less vibration than traditional synthetic gut. With its superior power and comfort, Wilson gives this string its maximum playability rating. NXT Tour also offers impressive durability for a multifilament. It's an awesome choice for players of all levels and playing styles looking for near gut-like performance at half the cost.

  • Construction: Multifilament Xycro Micro fibers bonded with polyurethane.
  • Gauge: 17 / 1.26 mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2 m
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: Feels great for the first few hours. Then they start to fray like crazy. So the duration that the strings feels good is actually very short, despite not breaking yet. So the cost during its usable life is quite high. Tried regular NXT before. It is not as crisp, but much longer lasting.
From: Mark, 5/16

Comments: I'm a D1 college-level player with an all-around game. I'm a hard hitting lefty who uses a semi- western forehand and a one-handed backhand. I strung this up in the crosses (56 lbs) with Luxilon ALU Power Rough as the mains (54 lbs). I have to say that I loved how crisp the strings felt on the first day. You really do feel connected to the ball with these strings. However, after 3 hours, the strings began to start fraying and started losing playability. On the second day, I noticed a much deader feel on my stringbed. I would recommend a different string if you are looking for durability, but if you are only looking for near natural gut-like performance, this is a great string for you.
From: Anon, 7/14