Superfeet Premium Insoles Orange

The Superfeet Performance Insoles are a must have for those looking for the best arch and foot support. This insole design maintains a resilient, high impact foam forefoot, while maintaining SuperfeetÕs unmistakable shape and legendary support. The Encapsulating Stabilizer System (ESS) provides ideal bio-mechanical support, allowing your feet to perform in their optimal functioning position. The Orange insoles are ideal for medium to high arched feet and recommended for those seeking maximum shock absorption in the forefoot. Superfeet recommends you go a size up if you are on the border between two sizes.

  • Color: Orange (for medium to high arched feet)
  • High volume heel cup cradles the heel's fat pad for natural shock absorption, stability and support
  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System [ESS] provides optimal underfoot support
  • Rebound High Impact Foam resists moisture and contours comfortably to the shape of the foot
  • Full forefoot shock pad adds extra comfort under the metatarsals and toes
  • High-density foam gives you long-lasting comfort and support
  • Agion antimicrobial treatment helps inhibit odor-causing bacteria, and the friction control top cover helps reduce blistering
  • Ideal for high-volume athletic and industrial footwear with removable insoles
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Comments: Makes your shoes feel like they were custom fit for you. I have a high arch and these are great. No foot fatigue. Perfect for wide feet and narrow ankles.
From: Bill, 12/14

Comments: These came well recommended to me, and I had high hopes for them adding some cushioning to the heel and ball of my foot. They do provide good arch support, and better cushioning than the factory inserts in my Babolat All Court shoes. I play about twice a week, 1.5-2 hours a day, and after about 6-7 months, the rubber soles are noticeably compressed. It's a lot of money to spend every time you replace a pair of shoes. Like most things in life, they're great if you can afford them. I'm going to look elsewhere.
From: Don, 7/14

Comments: I don't have any foot pains and just wanted to try these to improve fit and get a bit more arch support in some of the flatter shoes. They didn't work out for me. I have mid-high arches and in my size the arch on these inserts was too far back. Maybe I needed to get these in a bigger size and cut the front part down to fit in my shoes, but there is no way to know until you try. They also add some height to the heel of the shoe and makes them feel more "platform-y".
From: Anton, 12/12

Comments: These offer good arch support plus good cushioning for your heel and under the balls of your feet. They differ from the Superfeet green in that there is a cushioning pad under the balls of the feet - great to cushion those who come out of a split step on every shot, and recover with "skipping" steps. These will outlast the life of your tennis shoe. The foam is way superior to any original shoe insert. I have to disagree with RonR's comments that they are not appropriate for those with flat feet. In fact 95% of people with flat feet have the type that easily corrects with appropriate arch support [only about 5% have "fixed" flat feet due to a bony abnormality].
From: Charlie, 8/11

Comments: I use the orange all the time in my tennis shoes. Using these provides almost instant relief of heel pain and various ankle pains from too hard a heel strike or plantar fasciitis. I have to say that I almost gave up tennis until I discovered these. It's not really about a "cushion" vs "firm controlled" insole. So though they seem thin they will outlast a pair of shoes. Note that the orange is supposed to be a bit firmer and longer lasting cushion than the green. But you might like the green more if you want an insole that stays out of your way. Both work great but I find the orange lasts about 2x long. The first two times you wear these your feet will feel better but they will feel tired as well. You will be using your feet differently. This feeling goes away as your foot gains strength. Note: Do not use this color if you have flat feet. They have a model for flat feet. These are for people with arches.
From: RonR. 6/11