Wilson Optimus 16 String

Wilson Optimus is constructed with an army of velvety filaments and sheathed with a co-polymer membrane. The result is a versatile multifilament with good tension maintenance and very impressive comfort. Though quite pliable and arm friendly, this one still manages to feel wonderfully crisp, especially at higher tensions. This is a great option for the player who wants phenomenal comfort, controllable power and great feel.

  • Gauge: 16/1.30mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2 m
  • Composition Multifilament
  • Colors: Silver, White, Red, Blue
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Comments: I strung it up at 52 lbs in a Pure Drive GT and was extremely happy with the results. It really complemented the stiff racquet with added touch and a softer ride. I could take full cuts at the ball without a fear of it flying and best of all, no elbow pain after playing. Nice string for the right circumstances!
From: Ben, 6/15

Comments: I tried the silver version and it looks really cool. I did string it with Kirschbaum Max Power in the crosses. I did 57 lbs for Optimus and 54 lbs for the poly. It definitely wasn't my favorite hybrid. There was too much power, although I did notice some nice touch and feel. Durability was the worst part: the strings snapped in less than 3 hours. Given I put a lot of stuff on my serve and the poly was sawing into these Wilson strings, 2 and a half hours is simply unacceptable for the price. I'm going to switch back to a soft poly full bed.
From: Brian, 9/14

Comments: Great string but only lasted about 5 hours of play.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: Very nice multi if you don't need the power. Felt very easy on the the arm yet crisp at the same time. Spin was very good for a multi. It had a very unique feel not like a multi since the power was low. Control was great made very few errors but you really need to take full swings. I would buy it again but TVG is still my top multi.
From: Rocky, 3/14