Wilson Blue Bullet Racquetballs 3 Ball Can
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Engineered from a unique rubber to provide true bounce point after point, with a toughness that lasts match after match. Approved for USRA tournament play. 3 balls per can.

If any Blue Bullet ball fails before the label wears off, Wilson will replace it with a free can of Blue Bullet balls.
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Comments:  Wilson Blue Bullet racquetballs are great for speed, durability/lasting, and visibility! I currently play on a weekly basis and I have been using the same container of three sense the first part of december! My friend I play racquetball with is at a higher level than I am at, so he knows more about the quality in racquetballs, but has been impressed! I highly recommend this brand!!
From: Ben, Creston, IA, USA, 01/12