At the core of the Salming Race R1 2.0 shoe is the T.G.S.62/75™ torsion guide system. This system enhances the foot's natural movements by providing flexibility in the forefoot and extra stability from the heel to the ball of the foot. The innovative mesh and Exo Skeleton™ upper effectively keeps the foot in the correct position during lateral movements and provides as much breathability and comfort as your favorite pair of running shoes. Also, this shoe features minimal heel to toe drop and thick forefoot cushioning with rebound characteristics.
  • Fit: Length is true to size, width is slightly wide; no break-in required.
  • Upper: Exo Skeleton™, ErgoHeelCup™, and mesh all work in harmony to provide stability, comfort, and breathability
  • Midsole: T.G.S.62/75™ torsion guide system, LMS™ lateral movement stabilizer, and SpeedLite™ EVA compound for lightweight performance
  • Outsole: RollBar™ for quicker lateral push-off and stability, LMS+, and XR110 rubber with sticky compound
  • Weight: 11.53 oz (size 10.0)
  • Color: Safety Yellow

Comments: I bought a pair of Race R1 2.0's about 6 months ago and really enjoyed them from the start. The performance is top notch. Great traction, stability, lightweight, comfort, they have all the features of a great racquetball shoe. I really wanted to love them, but unfortunately they just fall too far short of expectations in the durability category, especially given the price. I'm generally pretty easy on shoes, but after playing about twice a week for six months they have begun to fall apart. This has the potential to be a great shoe, Salming just needs to work a bit more on build quality and durability of materials.  Until then I'll be wearing something else.
From: Joel, WI, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: C 

Comments: I bought a pair of the R2 as soon as they became available. I must admit these are the best shoes hands down I have ever had. Quick response, great feel remind me of a good basketball shoe. And don't worry about the colors unless you are ultra-conservative. So fellas that means that the girls will be looking.
From: Steve, Richmond, VA, 07/14
Skill-level: B+ 

Comments: these are probably one of the most responsive court shoes I have worn in 30 years. The only complaint I have is that there might be a little more cushion. They stop on a dime which means if you have worn knees it will translate into knee pain. Just keep that in mind. Otherwise you do not even feel them on your feet.
From: Miles, Asheville, 07/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: I snapped up a pair of these as soon as they hit RbW and I am definitely impressed.  They are actually marketed as a squash shoe and therefore fulfill the requirements of a great racquetball shoe.  First off, straight out of the box they are the most pliable and comfortable shoe I've ever worn on the racquetball court with one exception: my old Nike Multicourt 9s which gave up the ghost years ago.  There is absolutely no break in period. What I was truly most impressed with was the weight (or lack thereof) and the traction.  They are the lightest shoes I've every played in and although the courts I usually play on are notoriously dusty, my opponent tonight was constantly slipping and sliding while my R1s kept a great grip to the floor for 2 hours with no wiping. If it's comfort and traction you want (and what racquetball player doesn't) these are the shoes to buy.
From: Dalton, Killeen, TX, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: Low A or High B