Ektelon Premier Power 17 String

Used by top professionals, Ektelon Premier Power String truly lives up to its name as the most powerful multifilament string on the market. Softflex™ filaments provide tremendous shock absorption and dampening for an ultra-soft, enhanced feel. Due to Softflex's excellent recovery from stretch at impact, Premier Power has tremendous resiliency and minimal tension loss.

  • Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)
  • Length: 42 feet
  • String type: Multifilament
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Comments: Best string I've found to date.  Has great power and feel, maintains tension and has unbelievable durability.  The string is expensive but the extra time I get out of them makes it worth the price.  
From: Sunji, OR, USA, 05/16
Skill-level: Open 

Comments: Takes a few games to break in but, once you do, it maintains a solid feel through out the life of the string until they break. They are by far one of my favorite strings to use in my racquets. I use 31lb w/lighter racquets and 34lb on heavier racquets. Lasted a bit over 2 months, playing 2 hours, 4 times a week.
From: Deven, Tarpon Springs, FL, USA, 07/12
Skill-level: B

Comments: I like this string a lot and as a stringer I offer this to everyone and almost everyone likes it. Give it a week or two to settle in and it plays superb until it breaks or gets replaced.
From: Sir Charles, Or, CA, USA, 11/11
Skill-level:A's / stringer

Comments: I didn't like this string as much as the Ektelon 16ga synthetic gut. The string is slick and moves around a lot. Had trouble hitting shots consistently.  Going back to the standard Ektelon string
From: Larry, Charlotte, NC, USA, 01/11
Skill-level: Open (by ranking) but consider myself more at the A-A+ level

Comments:  I was surprised at the power and feel I have with this string, it has worked better than i hoped for. I like it so much, I'm going to order the 18 gauge. I like the quicker strings. It's a very good string.   

From: Wade, Taylosville, UT, USA, 11/10
Skill-level: B/A

Comments:Overall an excellent string with a nice soft feel, minimal tension loss even at slightly higher tensions, excellent durability, and hits with power. Wish it was a bit cheaper, but it is worth the price. IMO, clearly better than 505.