• Controlled Power
  • Maneuverability
  • Solid Feel


  • None we could agree on

Inspired by one of the most popular racquets of all time, the Ektelon Toron Lite 160 combines old-school racquetball with modern technology. The younger sibling of the previous Toron, the Toron Lite offers a lower swing-weight and lighter feel, while maintaining a high level of power. Ektelon continued with their patented EXO3 Technology, modified teardrop head shape, and resin bonding process to produce a durable, powerful, and stiff frame. At 160 grams, 3-points head-heavy, and a swing-speed of 148, the Ektelon Toron Lite 160 is a universal racquet, good for any player from the beginner to professional levels.

Power: 90/100

The RbW team was expecting a lot in the power department from the Toron Lite because of its predecessor, the Toron 170. Ben L. started by saying, "As expected, the Toron Lite produced less power than its heavier predecessor, but still packed a punch. Being a bit heavy for a 160, and more head-heavy than is typical for Ektelon, I was pleasantly surprised by the power production. This new Toron is easily the better choice for a fast swing speed." had a little different view saying, "This racquet could really move the ball. The specs really lined up with my swing speed. I actually hit the Toron Lite harder than I hit the Toron, which is saying a lot since it's so light. Oftentimes I feel a lack of power with lighter racquets, but that wasn't the case with the Toron Lite."

Control: 89/100

Ektelon has always been known for their ability to create a nice fusion between power and control, and our team confirmed that this year was no different. Ben L. said, "the DPR string pattern rather than the Power Ring 8, takes away from some of the control in favor of power. With that said, I didn't have any trouble controlling the ball all around the court. The ideal weight balance of this racquet made it really easy for me to place my shots accurately." Croft was on the same page adding, "I felt I was able to control the ball really well on my setups, but lost a little when I didn't strike the ball perfectly. I didn't feel as much stability as I did with the previous Toron, but still was confident the ball would end up where I intended it to."

Feel: 92/100

Weighing 160 grams and being as stiff as it was, the RbW play-test team wondered how the Toron Lite would feel during play, and they were pleasantly surprised. Croft started off by saying, "For how stiff it was, it had a ton of feel to it. I was able to feel the ball when I needed to drop it in the corner, and it wasn't too stiff when I set up to crush ceiling balls either. I've never liked vibration, so I still needed to put in a dampener, but after that I was very pleased with the overall feel of the racquet." Ben L. agreed adding, "has fine-tuned everything since the introduction of O3 Technology, and this racquet was no different. For me, it played both crisp and confidently solid on both ceiling balls and drive serves. I also prefer the increased string bed feedback that results from removing the side inserts of last year's Toron you know when you hit this racquet right on, and you can adjust when you don't."

Overall: 90/100

The general consensus of the play-test team was that the Toron Lite 160 a fantastic combination of power, control, and feel. Lightweight, stiff, and powerful, the Toron Lite seems to cater to anyone with a fast swing speed looking for a top-notch racquet. Croft concluded, "This racquet was really well put together. I keep wondering how the engineers continue to make their racquets lighter and more powerful. This is one of the best racquets Ektelon has ever made." Ben L. wrapped it up by saying "This is my favorite Ektelon racquet since the EXO3 Black, and is a far more durable stick. It's not the most powerful racquet on the market, but the combination of power, control, and positive feel make this an obvious choice for Ektelon fans, and a serious consideration for any level of player."